It’s Time For A Brand New Season

Charles BradySoGospel.Com I hope that your Christmas was filled with joy and peace as the world paused to mark the most precious gift that has ever been given to mankind. The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. His birth marked the beginning of a brand new relationship between God and man. This little child would grow up and become the sacrifice for the More...

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By admin On Friday, December 9th, 2016

Alone Is A Lonely Place To Be

NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: C-Notes is a collection of random thoughts and ideas from SoGospel editor Charles Brady and in no way represents advice or recommendations for anyone. No animals were harmed in the production More...

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We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas

From myself and everyone here at SoGospel.Com and the Merry Christmas Corporation we wish you a very Merry Christmas! Charles Brady-Admin SoGospel.Com  More...

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Using Your Creative DNA

God is a creator. He created us (you and me) to be like Him. What really sets us apart from the other things God created is that we (you and me) are given by God that “creator” DNA. It’s already More...

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A Prayer – C A Brady

Oh Lord Guide me to your provision Show me Your path Speak to my heart truth Turn not away but lean towards my soul Give me a worthwhile life A home A peaceful family A nation that honors you A heart that More...

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SoGospel C-Notes for Sept 22nd 2014 – Special 2014 NQC Edition

I didn’t intend it to happen this way but it turns out that this edition of my Southern Gospel C-Notes is a 21 gun salute to the NQC! ( or nqc ) 1 This week begins the new downsized NQC. Or maybe it should More...

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C-Notes for September 13th, 2014

Each day for the past 20 or so years I have started my day with the question “Lord, What is the purpose for my being alive today” and then I do my best to meet the challenges of that day with His help. More...

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SoGospel.Com Editor Charles Brady Suggests A Songwriter Tip

I hear a lot of great songs from so many wonderful and talented artists and I’m a super fan of great songwriters. The creation of wonderful life changing songs is always a special treat for me to behold. The More...

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C-Notes Issue #071914 – A Southern Gospel Nightmare

What a horrible dream! I dreamed I moved to a new office building and instead of taking the small private room in the back I wanted my desk in the large open space. The next day when I came into work there was More...

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C-Notes For February 20th 2014

Southern Gospel Music C-Notes Disclaimer: All Grammatical Errors Contained In This Edition Of C-Notes Are Intentional And Are For Your Personal Entertainment And Are Placed Here To Make You Feel Good About Yourself. More...