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Southern Gospel Music is what SoGospel.Com is all about! In fact, it is our belief that all music is a gift from the creator for His creation to enjoy. There is just nothing like a powerful song that touches our hearts and brings a smile and changes our emotions and encourages our faith. A great song at the right time is like a refreshing rain on parched dry ground. We can just soak it in and it can bring forth something wonderful!

Did you know that SoGospel.Com was the very first Southern Gospel Music Dot Com?  The site launched in December of 1996 by Scott Gunnerson, a Florida journalist. Scott started the site and kept the site going and later sold it to Charles Brady who was building a network of Christian Music websites. SoGospel will celebrates it’s 19th anniversary this year on December 13th.

Today SoGospel is a part of the Merry Christmas Corporation family of Christian and  Music industry websites. Our goal at the Merry Christmas Corporation is to find ways to connect people of faith and fans of great music together. Our mission is to assist in connecting great music with broadcasters, great songs by great songwriters with recording artists and record labels and publishing companies, great sermons with preachers & wonderful fans with talented and gifted artists. We accomplish that goal daily through our growing network of Merry Christmas Corporation websites.

We welcome you today! What are YOU looking for? Maybe we can help!








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