All Grammatical Errors Contained In This Edition Of C-Notes Are Intentional And Are For Your Personal Entertainment And Are Placed Here To Make You Feel Good About Yourself. Please DO NOT report them as this will force us to inform you of the ones that others pointed out that you missed and will make you feel bad about your failed education.

( Please C-Notes Below)

note 1 – God is great!

note 2 – being sick is bad….

note 3 – I sick

note 4 – I will get better soon!

note 5 – better pray for Rosie… I hear I’m not a good patient…

note 6 – It’s Thursday November 14th 2013 that’s a good thing right?

note 7 – I like exclamation points!

note 8 – our local weatherman (Van Denton) was making snow this morning… I’m not sure what to say about that. Otherwise he seems normal… But the dude really does own a snow machine and uses it often I guess to confuse his neighbors..

note 9 – singers paint pictures with words and their voices… Some are really good….

note 10 – Southern Gospel Music and Gospel Music and Bluegrass Gospel and Country Gospel are good words for SEO purposes and I need to add them often I have been told.

note 11 – 2014 is going to be an exciting year…. I can just feel it…

note 12 – never trust a junkyard dog

note 13 – Werther’s Original work about as good as cough drops….

note 14 – I ain’t never had too much fun…

note 15 – Something you may find odd about me…. I love music but I despise hearing music while trying to eat.. I find it makes me feel stressful and has caused me on more than one occasion to pass by an Applebee’s when I would have enjoyed a meal there…

note 16 – Applebee’s plays their music way too loud. I have asked for earplugs on a visit there… (Yes I can be but I’m old enough not to care)

note 17 – Stameys BBQ only plays music during Christmas. I like Stameys BBQ.

note 18 – Libraries would make great restaurants! A nice quiet meal… That would be like a little bit of heaven…

note 19 – reading book titles in a used bookstore is a great way to find hook lines for songwriters and sermon titles for preachers…. Try it sometime…

note 20 – I’m sick but I ain’t dead yet!

note 21 – yea! It’s a 21 note salute!

note 22 – have a great day!!!

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