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note 1 – I love being a grandpa

note 2 – Did you know that animal trainers claim they can train animals to do almost anything with the right treats.

note 3 – What good habits would you like to learn and what treats would compel you to take the needed actions to make your life better?

note 4 – Did you get your healthcare yet?

note 5 – How do you go from 6 signups to thousands? Cancel a couple million policies! That should help!

note 6 – It’s Saturday! That’s a good thing… Right?

note 7 – some days I have questions some days I have answers but never the twain seem to want to meet…..

note 8 – …. Can you log in now? What about now?

note 9 – I just heard that the death toll is now over a thousand in the Philippines… Praying for those folks.

note 10 – Every time the president opens his mouth a roster crows 3 times

note 11 – In the mornings I could be a bass singer or a voice over artist! “In a world where man is divided between left and right Charles Brady says move forward!” So what do you think? Sounded pretty good to me! ……… Uh……. Ok…..

note 12 – I do not fly nor do I swim great distances so no thanks on the plane fare or the cruise ship tickets… Lord keep my feet on solid ground!

note 13 – Mary Hamilton takes great pictures of random things including Gospel Music Artists

note 14 – I love to hear the Dunaways. One of my favorite groups. You know who else is good? Karen Peck and New River.

note 15 – Why New River? Could have been Karen Peck and Cold Creek or Karen Peck and Sweet Lake? Or they could just called themselves Pecks Pond?

note 16 – typing email to Karen Peck….

note 17 – why would anyone want to read this when they could be applying for healthcare at


note 19 – I love Gospel Music!

note 20 – frozen hot chocolate…. Huh? Really?

note 21 – my brain needs a break…. Stop!

note 22 – when is it ever too early to decorate for Christmas?

note 23 – I really enjoy listening to the Rick Webb Family. Really talented family and great folks with a real heart for ministry.

note 24 – you know it’s gonna be a good day when a six year old calls you and needs to see you….

note 25 – life is good if you let it….

note 26 – any good concerts around?

note 27 – I heard the Cathedral Reunion was a real hit in Texas last night

note 28 – gotta go buy hamburger and grill out for the grand-kids….

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