All Grammatical Errors Contained In This Edition Of C-Notes Are Intentional And Are For Your Personal Entertainment And Are Placed Here To Make You Feel Good About Yourself. Please DO NOT report them as this will force us to inform you of the ones that others pointed out that you missed and will make you feel bad about your failed education.

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note 1 – It’s Friday! That’s a good thing right? Any concerts this weekend?

note 2 – So have you got your new health insurance yet? My dad, at 75 is really excited about his new maternity coverage coming after the first of the year.

note 3 – Praying for the folks in the Philippines as they endure the strongest storm ever with winds approaching 200 mph.

note 4 – Do you like the new updated ? We think it’s gonna be fun as we roll out some great new features this year! ( Including this new publishers mini blog we affectionately refer to around the office as C-Notes ) It will be sort of a brain dump for the boss….

note 5 – Have you signed up for that health insurance yet ( ACA – Awful Care Act )

note 6 – Rosie and I had a great lunch today at Americas Roadhouse in Asheboro, NC. I had the November Special – Half Pound Cheeseburger, huge serving of fries and unsweetened tea ( all for just 5.99 ) The food was great and the service was fantastic! If you ever pass through Asheboro, NC on Hwy 64 check them out!

note 7 – We added several great new songs at this week for our Radio DJ Users!

note 8 – The Stevens Family topped the charts for November with their latest hit song “I’ll Serve You Forever” and if you haven’t already checked them out you should. Wonderful family group with a great sound and some of the sweetest folks I know ( from Ohio ) …. : )

note 9 – This Cathedral Reunion thing is taking off. This Danny Funderburk kid is just awesome! : )
Seriously a bunch of the former Cat staff have joined up and gone on tour and they are really doing a bang-up job of it. So if they are anywhere around your neck of the woods check them out!

note 10 – I just saw Herman Cain on the NSA controlled website – facebook…

note 11 – Billy Graham turned 95 yesterday

note 12 – Charles Brady turned 55 on Tuesday and took early retirement only to stay up working all night on November the 6th to redo this website and sign a long term ( 10 year ) renewal to work here for free…

note 13 – just saw that Legacy Five posted that the Cathedral deal from note 9 was on TV this morning in the Dallas/Ft Worth area

note 14 – the grandkids are here so I need to go see if I can sneak them some candy and sugar drinks and remind their parents of what we went through 30 years ago….. : )

note 15 – we all need to talk to God more often…

note 16 – are you signed up for that insurance yet? what are you waiting on?

note 17 – I love Gospel Music!

note 18 – this was fun… think I will enjoy it!

Charles Brady- C Notes Above
So that’s the first installment of C-Notes! Welcome to my Brain!


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