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Jeffrey Ervin 10/25/12 – 10/25/12

Jeffrey Ervin – October 25th 2012 – October 25th 2012

Jeffrey means “Gods Peace” or “Divine Peace”

It was supposed to just be a routine 5 month checkup. While I was working here in the office Rosie drove over to Amanda and Avery’s house and was watching the boys (Paul age 3 and Ben age 1.) Olivia (age 5) was at school. But a few minutes into that checkup and the lives of two families ( The Ervins and The Bradys) were about become a part of life that is never expected or planned for. The loss of a baby.

This tiny little angel whose entire existence was lived out in the womb of his mom was perfect in every way. But one.

As I held my daughter while we both weep I was able to get out a few words. “He will never know pain or hurt or sadness or sorrow. He is right now safely in the arms of a loving God.” The name Jeffrey certainly fits that tiny little angel whose little 1lb body we all held for a few minutes. Perfect little hands and feet. As I held him close I whispered into his ears the words I have always whispered to all of my grandchildren from the first moment I first get to hold them. ” Pawpaw loves you.” I fully expect one day to hear him say to me ” I Love You Too Pawpaw.”

I believe this because I fully expect God Himself to whisper it into his perfectly formed little ear for me every day until I get to hold him again. The way I figure it… If I have to help teach my grand-babies to sing “Jesus Loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so” then I fully expect the good Lord to teach Jeffrey to sing “Pawpaw loves me this I know, for God Himself just told me so.”

I never knew that is was humanly possible for an adult to shed so many tears for so many hours. I’m typing but I can’t see what I’m typing so forgive me if I have dropped a word or spelled something incorrectly.

Rosie and I have held each other and weep profusely over this tiny angels passing and Jeffrey’s mom and dad and the Ervin Grandparents and all of our families are so devastated. I cried over the phone talking to my mom as we both weep and asked why. I guess that’s the part that we will never know until we reach our final destination. I’ve always known that God has a plan. I just didn’t expect this to be a part of it.

I’ve even found myself weeping over the past 20 hours or so for people I’ve never met. Wondering how in this world can anyone who does not have the comfort, peace and assurance that we will see each other again through the work on the cross of our beloved savior Jesus Christ make it through such loss.

What has really hit me the hardest I think is that I know for a fact that today and every day, in a country whose founding principles are built on the concepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people, that hundreds of expectant moms will make the decision to choose to have their child murdered at the hands of men and women who took an oath to preserve and protect life, their own child who is innocently and unknowingly growing and being nurtured and formed in the womb of their mom and yet are destined for a torturous and painful death. When did the “Murder” of innocent babies become a choice? How can any decent or civilized society possibly hope to come up with any valid reason to murder a tiny little angel while it is still in the protection of the mother’s womb. You can’t shoot an animal without the risk of jail time but it’s OK to murder an innocent little baby? GOD HELP US! HELP US GOD! Help us God to return our wicked perverted world back to a civilized and decent society that respects life at every stage.

For anyone who wonders about the ills of our society and the current economic state of our world markets and job crisis and the lack of hope wonder no more! The blood of the innocents cry out to God and God hears and God cares and He WILL judge this world for the depravity and the wickedness that many call alternatives and a women’s choice.

NEVER should a life of these tiny little angels that have been formed and fashioned in the likeness of God himself be so little thought of as just a woman’s right to choose. Murder isn’t a choice…. It’s murder…. And when it’s one of these precious little angels I believe it is even a more malicious and heinous act.

Jeffrey Ervin died at peace in his mother’s womb. After more than 7 hours of induced labor his perfectly formed little body came into this world to the weeping and wailing of great sorrows and many tears from the mother and father and the grandparents and family members and even a little 5 year old sister who also is trying to understand it all. If any child must die in the mother’s womb I cry out to God that this is the only way it should ever ever happen…. and Jeffrey… Your pawpaw sure does love you!

Now Lord… whisper it softly into his ear and teach that little boy our special song… It goes like this … pawpaw loves me this I know, for the Lord Himself just told me so……

I love you soooo much Jeffrey!

PawPaw Brady
October 26th, 2012

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